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Test dla młodzieży i dorosłych

  • Test kwalifikacyjny jest testem wyboru "multiple choice" sprawdzającym ogólną znajomość struktur leksykalnych i gramatycznych.
  • Test pozwala na wstępne oszacowanie umiejętności językowych.

Rozwiązując test należy odpowiedzieć na pytania, na które znamy odpowiedz, w pozostałych pozostawić puste miejsce.


Rozpocznij test!

1. Let's hope some wise people in a parliament

2. John is the in the class.

3. They are Russian. names are Borys and Evan.

4. We have coffee but it won?t be enough for our guests.

5. Let's go home! There?s interesting here.

6. John and Paul often shout at

7. If you think the price is too high, you buy the car

8. The weather wasn't to go sailing

9. I haven't watched films

10. She has never met nice people before

11. Howard's wife is pregnant. She a baby soon.

12. Unless she . some cakes, we will have to do without anything sweet.

13. He hardly any work.

14. He is not allowed at home.

15. home when you saw the accident?

16. The police to me yet

17. We haven't seen each other for

18. I don't know many people Sam.

19. You open the window when it rains.

20. She wants to know where

21. We each other for long, but we get on well.

22. Let's watch the kites competition, ?

23. It's high time he that he needs to study.

24. They said they school the following year.

25. I don't enjoy

26. I've met people never eat meat.

27. We must hurry. We finish this work today.

28. It's time to say goodbye. Well, I am looking forward you all again soon.

29. For a person who has Harvard, she has a rather low salary.

30. You shouldn't be interested in what we're saying. It's of your business

31. Sara her best at the exam, but she failed it, anyway

32. All of us were made the petition.

33. The collision occurred at five in the morning. Soon afterwards one of the ships

34. They were travelling in a camper van so they take a tent.

35. Didn't you play tennis?

36. At the hotel there were no showers bath tubes.

37. I shut the window? I can see you're cold.

38. his religion he drinks alcohol.

39. We'd rather he French

40. There are still six days to go before the deadline, and so a few of the top players. to stay away. Let's hope not too many of them will.

41. Mr Linn has never reappeared in the town since the day his house down.

42. Thank God Sue came on time! the keys without her?

43. This temple is believed by one of the local tribes.

44. I wish they alone when the operation begins.

45. She counts on Tom far too much. She doesn't take into account the possibility that he her, in spite of his willingness to do so.

46. I am not going to buy the jacket. It comfortable or warm

47. Simon doesn't know much about our troubles. He's not with them.

48. "Can we use the court now?" "Not yet. But as everything is ready, we can start as soon as they ".

49. Although at that time my knowledge of German was very poor, I most of what they said.

50. You know how upset she was that night. You her everything was all right. Why were you so cruel?

51. Friday will be a bad day for me? I have an extra session and maybe a press conference. I wish your mother on Saturday or Sunday. But I know it's not your fault.

52. I don't think playing ball weather is much fun.

53. This isn't my rucksack. I don't know .

54. Doctor hope is on sick leave. Doctor Bream is Up for him this month.

55. How . Say I am a snob? You don't know me at all.

56. The accident wouldn't have happened if the driver

57. This task isn't as hard as the previous one. In fact, it's strenuous.

58. to Mary, she would certainly have forgiven his mistake.

59. You look pale and your temperature is high. I advise you tonight.

60. Hardly had we left the harbor off

61. At university, Jason a nice guy. He always told compliments to girls.

62. Stand-offish , he is quite easy-going, indeed.

63. As far as I remember, I To the party, but somehow I didn't get the invitation.

64. Not until yesterday about the changes in the schedule.

65. It's a pity we didn't get tickets for the performance. If only we earlier.

66. I love coffee, but this time I have a strong for ice tea

67. Let's a bargain. I will give you money and you will do the shopping. What do you say?

68. It sounds controversial what the advisors say, but it definitely is for thought.

69. As a child, I but I don't spank my own children.

70. Do you happen to know how to about installing these files on a PC


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